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Rapid Deployment Solutions

Fast-Track adoption and leverage on industry best practices by using our SAP BPC starter kit for Staging IFRS consolidation and Comprehensive planning

INSIGHTCUBES Planning and Consolidation starter kits for the Oil and Gas industry

After the full development of ADNOC’s SAP BPC system, years of training at ARAMCO, and rigorous work with specialists in the Oil & Gas industry, INSIGHT CUBES developed a stream of SAP BPC starter Kits, covering varying business needs and objectives. Read More...

The starter kit is geared to comprehensively acquire data on profit and costs center level, stream line OPEX, CAPEX, Revenue and Man Power Planning. Top down and Bottom Up approach budgeting, with forecasting and estimations covering Downstream, Mid-stream and Up-stream. Accounting Validation rules are integrated to ensure the financial results comply with GAAP, IFRS and Company specific rules.

To forecast future oil prices, the actual daily oil prices from 1986 to 2012 were downloaded. The model enables forecasting based multiple variances in currency changes, prices, target working capital, normal distribution with a mean that increases through time and standard deviation. Full forecasted cash flow and Profit and loss statements are generated instantly.

This leads to features in Oil swaps; Hedge to protect the operator from large decreases in oil prices.

Implemented in the following Industries

Oil and Gas.

INSIGHTCUBES starter kit for Revenue & Profitability Planning

INSIGHT CUBES  Profit planning will enhance your ability to become “pro-active” instead of “reactive.” By engaging in the planning process, you will create a forward-thinking mentality.  You will decide where your company will be and when.  You will attempt to anticipate  Read More...

or predict the events of the future that affect how your company will get to where you want it to be.

Some of the achieved Goals of Insight Cubes’ Starter kit for Revenue and Profitability Planning:

Pricing markups or targets for products or services.
Individual product profitability.
Total workload hours expected during the coming year.
Revenue and expense budgets.
Days of revenue in receivables.
Dollars available for purchasing new equipment.
Average age of accounts payable or overhead reduction.

SAP BPC Starter Kit for Liquidity and Loans Planning

INSIGHT CUBES Specific Starter kit for Consolidation and Financial reporting has all the tools of IFRS kit, however further enhanced to provide English and Arabic reporting, Hijri and Gregorian, enhanced Cash Flow calculation rules, and more detailed & tailored flows per Balance Sheet account. Read More...

The end result is a starter kit that provides a more comprehensive level of financial reports, more scalable and less demanding on the Business Intelligence Layer.

Key Features

Automatically converts SAP Planning and Consolidation planning data into cash flow data.
Calculates mid- to long-term forecasts (up to 2 years) by integrating committed transactions with forecasted financial data.
Isolate impact of inter-company cash flows on a group level.
Enables simulation and sensitivity analysis on source data and calculation rules.
Directly integrates with SAP NetWeaver enabling data quality checks and remediation.
Analysis per loan type, maturity date, solvency, market risk, demographics and other client specific criteria.
What-If analysis for fluctuations in rates, LIBOR, market risks and other factors.

INSIGHTCUBES starter kit for Production Planning and Scheduling (PPS)


Insight Cubes Specific Starter kit allows production planning and scheduling, in a scalable level of detail. Effective production planning and scheduling is vital to the success of every manufacturing business. Regardless of your industry, finding the best way to purchase, allocate and utilize your production resources to efficiently satisfy your customers while minimizing costs is a constant challenge. But, without the right production planning and scheduling solution, it is near impossible. Take advantage of manufacturing operations software solutions that integrate data systems with shop-floor activities. Improve customer service, cut costs, and manage compliance and operational performance by unifying operations.  Read More...

Product Specification

Bill of Material.
Process and Routing Definitions.
Manufacturing Strategies.
Inventory Management.
Plants maintenance.
Tooling and Tool Planning.
Machine and Man Power Requirements.

Key Benefits

Improve on-time delivery with optimized manufacturing capacity.
Accurately track and manage complex work-in-progress scenarios.
Improve quality and reduce variation through corrective-action processes.
Access real-time manufacturing data to make fast, informed decisions.
Sync internal production operations with customer demand.
Track material and products across the value chain.

INSIGHTCUBES CAPEX starter kit for Project Planning

Insight Cubes’ CAPEX starter kit for planning may enable clients to achieve one or more of the following objectives:

Cut costs and boost efficiency.
Replace or upgrade old assets (i.e., “replacement CAPEX”).
Meet an existing customer’s new requirements or take advantage of opportunities.Read More...

Gain a competitive advantage.

A strategic CAPEX plan will spell out in detail:

What specific physical assets will be bought and when they will be purchased.
The specific uses of these assets.
The benefits to be incurred from acquiring the assets.
The expected ROI and/or payback period for the assets.

INSIGHTCUBES starter kit for Operational Expenditure Planning

Insight Cubes’ Operational expenditure Planning starter kit for planning may enable clients to achieve one or more of the following objectives:

Pay only for the capacity it needs at the moment and scale as requirements change.
Ease and speed up the budgeting process because short-term spending requirements are less. Read More...

Make multiple investments across the business since capital isn’t tied up in large upfront expenditures.
Fund expenses faster through operations rather than needing to borrow money or divert money from other projects to pay for large, upfront technology costs.
Smooth out cash flows over time instead of requiring lumpy outlays.

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

Create interactive, mobile-ready data visualizations for your business dashboards and BI apps – using SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio. Enhance app and dashboard design, put actionable information at decision makers’ fingertips – and get the maximum value from your data with a direct connection to SAP Business Warehouse and SAP HANA.  Because it can help you quickly and cost-effectively create data visualizations, dashboards, and BI apps based on the exact requirements of decision makers. Make it easy for users to digest petabytes of information, understand root causes, and gain a holistic view of the enterprise. Read More...

Use pre-built templates and guided steps to design faster with professional results.
Customize visualizations, dashboards, and apps with a flexible SDK.
Directly connect to SAP BW, SAP HANA, and semantic layers for trusted KPIs.
Save time and money by re-using data assets in queries, InfoCubes, and SAP HANA.
Work in a flexible and scalable Eclipse-based design environment.