Process Massive amounts of Real-Time data in a Short Time.

All lines of business, down to HR to sales and contract management. SAP S/4HANA helps you streamline, automate and simplify processes across your organization.

SAP S4HANA Finance

Enhance Financial Planning and analysis

Accelerate planning cycles, increase profitability, and make finance functions more efficient.

Simplify accounting & financial close processes

Combine financial and management accounting and profitability data into a single universal journal, for a single source of reliable truth.

Improve treasury &financial risk processes

Integrate cash flows, transactions, commodity positions, and market data; and accurately forecast cash flow.

Support collaborative finance operations

Automate receivables and payables processing and streamline shared services delivery.

Manage enterprise risk & compliance effectively

Integrate and automate risk, compliance, and international trade activities to proactively minimize risk and compliance violations while detecting, investigating and deterring fraud.

SAP S4HANA Digital Supply Chain

Integrate inventory and logistics processes

Lower operational and administrative costs by integrating the management of all inbound and outbound freight and warehouse processes.

Improve production planning

Coordinate manufacturing operations across your organization including material requirements, logistics, and receipts for proper material handling.

Support complex assembly processes

Enable efficient planning for complex assembly including material requirements, production, and capacity planning.

Accelerate manufacturing workflows

Plan and schedule maintenance tasks synchronizing labor, material, equipment and schedules.

Enable efficient maintenance management

Improve planned and unplanned maintenance operations while optimizing safety and environmental impacts.

Enhance quality management

Run enterprise-wide, closed-loop quality management processes. From quality planning to quality operations to continue improving the process.

SAP S4HANA Research & Development

Improve project control &product development

Manage, translate, and integrate customer-driven innovations to optimize project efficiency and deliver high-quality projects on time and within scope.

Manage enterprise projects effectively

Invest in the right projects by aligning your project portfolio with enterprise strategy.

Streamline product life-cycle management

Simplify and accelerate the transition of engineering master data manufacturing production data.

Speed up product engineering processes

Accelerate time to market through BOM management, including the specification of work center details and listing of required production resources and tools.

SAP S4HANA Sourcing & Procurement

Gain in-depth purchasing insights

Acquire extensive, Real-time information on purchasing spend by analyzing purchase orders, requisitions, invoices, and contracts.

Streamline operational purchasing

Enable employees to purchase goods and services directly, following purchasing politics and pricing agreements and using preferred suppliers.

Automate sourcing & contract management processes

Collect, assign, analyze and access all sourcing information in one system and support automated and manual processes for creating and managing service contracts.

Gain an in-depth view of your supply chain

Improve supply chain visibility to find the optimal mix of suppliers that will best serve your business objectives and reduce overall supply risk.

Simplify procurement processes

Consolidate requisitioning to reduce costs by establishing one central approval workflow instead of multiple approvals in each back-end system.

Manage commodity procurement effectively

Support commodity procurement and help create commodity contracts based on market quotes.


Maximize sales with order & contract management

Improve revenue and cash flow by managing the order-to-cash process flawlessly across all touch points channels and functions.

Drive & manage sales performance

Implement compelling variable compensation programs with incentive and commission management.

Enhance & manage subscription billing & revenue

Manage receivables, payments and reporting for high volume of financial transactions.

Enable a flexible solution billing process

Gain visibility to determine the right mix of suppliers that best serve your business objective.

Sales force support

Check pipelines and leads, coordinate and plan customer sales activities, and analyze customer territories.

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

With the SAP S/4HANA Finance processes for FP&A, you can accelerate planning cycles, increase profitability, and make finance functions more efficient.

New innovations: SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) version for SAP Netweaver, optimized for SAP S/4HANA Finance, lets your planners access real-time master data and accruals in SAP ERP without data replication. With one common financial planning model, you can run end-to-end simulations and faster planning cycles.

  • Embed your end-to-end planning process and use real-time operational data to eliminate time lags and redundancy.
  • Run on-the-fly financial analysis at any level of granularity using a single table in-memory.
  • Support the entire financial planning lifecycle – including development, updates, and reporting.
  • Create ad hoc simulations of organizational changes or new business models directly in your ERP system.

Accounting & Financial Close

Close the books faster, improve compliance and control, and reduce closing workloads and costs – with SAP S/4HANA Finance processes for accounting and financial close.

New Innovations: SAP Accounting combines financial and management accounting and profitability data into one universal journal. It abolishes totals, indices, and other pre-defined aggregates, and relies on line items as a single source of truth.

Fixed Asset Accounting for SAP S/4HANA is integrated into the universal journal architecture, so there is no redundancy of data. Multiple parallel documents for all valuations are posted in real time to ensure correct values from the beginning.

  • Execute closing tasks and inter-period processes–in real time
  • Run real-time reporting with complete drill-down by any dimension
  • Use a single, unified data model to simplify processes, increase productivity, and reduce risk
  • Easily execute depreciation runs with simplified processing logic and data structures
  • Leverage line item postings for every single asset, allowing for detailed reporting

Treasury & Financial Risk Management

SAP S/4HANA Finance processes for treasury and financial risk management, you can accurately forecast cash flow, manage liquidity, and mitigate risk. Integrate cash flows, transactions, commodity positions, and market data. And optimize straight-through processing with full-view and real-time analysis, audit trails, and compliance reporting.

New innovations: SAP Cash Management provides global cash positions in real time, even in the presence of heterogeneous backend systems. New capabilities provide detailed analysis of forecasted cash flows – so you can bring greater levels of consistency to cash balances, cash requirements, and liquidity strategies.

  • Integrate cash flow analysis
  • Integrate business planning, including liquidity planning lifecycles
  • Take advantage of comprehensive central bank account management
  • Get real-time visibility of bank balances and currency exposures
  • Increase executive engagement with an intuitive and modern user interface (UI)

Collaborative Finance Operations

With SAP S/4HANA Finance processes for collaborative finance operations, you can rapidly respond to fluctuating market dynamics. Automate receivables and payables processing, revolutionize shared services delivery, and streamline travel management – all while reducing costs.

New innovations: SAP Receivables Management improves working capital and financial health by using real-time receivables data to assess customer credit risk, streamline billing, resolve disputes and prioritize customer collections to reduce days sales outstanding:

  • Monitor customer payment behavior in real time
  • Make proactive decisions with exception-based receivables management
  • Determine a customer’s top line contribution with simplified analysis
  • Improve reconciliation and analysis with intuitive search functions and usability
  • Use relevant, real-time data to shape customer interactions

Simplified Development

With SAP S/4HANA Finance processes for enterprise risk and compliance, you can automate risk, compliance, and international trade activities. By proactively minimizing risk and compliance violations, the software makes it easier to optimize business operations, protect assets, and improve financial performance.

New innovations: SAP Fraud Management gives you the insight you need to detect, investigate, and deter fraud. The software uses advanced rules and algorithms on Big Data to identify and predict fraudulent behavior, issue alerts, and block fraudulent transactions.

  • Process high volumes of data to enable real-time fraud detection at the transaction level
  • Centralize fraud management to optimize investigation and monitoring
  • Minimize false alarms by calibrating detection strategies and running real-time simulations
  • Model detection strategies and carry out simulation to predict new fraud patterns
  • Harmonize data to exposes potential duplications or erroneous, fraudulent entries