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Integrate your source systems into one Data warehouse

InsightCubes SAP BW 4HANA software

SAP BW4HANA is the next-generation of business house technology; Completely optimized and tailored to run purely on SAP HANA database. Simpler, easier to maintain, more flexible and less error-prone.

SAP BW/4HANA intends to deliver on SAP’s vision of a next-generation data warehouse that will significantly reduce data movement and duplication by analyzing data wherever it resides, whether in SAP HANA or in legacy systems within or outside the enterprise.

It will also integrate live streaming and time-series sensor data collected from Internet of Things environments via smart data streaming, an event stream processing option in SAP HANA. These advanced approaches will provide unprecedented flexibility, real-time performance and the ability to overcome the challenges of data silos from highly distributed data sources.

With the addition of sophisticated hot, warm or cold data temperature management and compression, enterprises can ensure all data is primed to drive rapid results at much lower storage costs.

Simplified modelling & administration

Less time for alteration requests and much faster implementation.

Reduced data management & storage costs

Through automatic distribution of multi-temperature data.

Eliminate down time of data work and enable intelligent automation for mass data processing.

Higher user productivity while eliminating analytical downtime resulting in elevated high performance intuitive data extraction.

Easy transition for customers

With the SAP Business Warehouse application to SAP BW/4HANA.

Integration with SAP & non-SAP applications

Connect to applications and data sources for ensured costs reduction of data integration.

Extreme performance

Through advanced, in-memory analytics and algorithm push-down.


Faster application development

With a fully redesigned user interface for enhanced modeling.



Offers an end-to-end data management platform for running live digital businesses.


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