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Consolidation Extension for SAP Analytics Cloud®

The First and Only consolidation solution that runs natively on SAP Analytics Cloud®.

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Cloud Consolidation Model

Detailed and scalable IFRS Consolidation using our custom Advanced formulas and widgets.

Natively automate the consolidation process on SAP Analytics Cloud by using our comprehensive and scalable Cloud Consolidation Extension. The solution is prebuilt with all the dashboards, workflows, logic and functionalities needed to automate the consolidation process; manage ownership across the group, specify the conversion rates, run currency conversion, run IFRS consolidation and enter journal adjustments, if needed.

InsightCubes SAP Analytics Designer Cloud Consolidation Model
InsightCubes SAP Analytics Designer Cloud Consolidation Model

Intercompany Matching Model

Providing self service reconciliation to subsidiaries for faster close

Speed up your intercompany reconciliation process from company close to prepare the group level financial reports. This model provides self-service reconciliation to subsidiaries for faster close, by matching their balances and showing differences

InsightCubes SAP Analytics Designer Intercompany Matching model

Ownership Model

Create consolidation scopes and manage ownership structure between holding, the subsidiaries and affiliates within each scope and across the group.

InsightCubes SAP Analytics Designer Ownership Model
InsightCubes SAP Analytics Designer Ownership Model

Rates Model

Go beyond the native capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud by automating the currency conversion for each movement in the balance sheet, using global or entity specific rate, and automatically calculate CTA.

InsightCubes SAP Analytics Designer Currency Model


Make any manual reclassification and adjustments to the standalone or consolidated financial statements by entering manual journals, whenever needed. The application allows parking the values in debit and credit form for approval, and posting the net values to the consolidation model.

Journal Interface for entering adjustments
InsightCubes SAP Analytics Designer Applications and Dashboards

Extend your SAP Analytics Cloud with IFRS Consolidation ​

Know how you can replace SAP Group Reporting and SAP Business Planning and Consolidation with our Cloud Consolidation extension for SAP Analytics Cloud

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