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SAP Implementation

End to end implementations covering consolidation, planning and analytics

Our professional consultants are experienced SAP Developers and SAP Instructors with professional flexibility to cope with customer needs and committed to exceed expectations.

Experts in SAP Enterprise Performance Management

InsightCubes specializes in End to End services covering SAP Enterprise Performance Management software. Our team has been delivering SAP implementation and Certified trainings in the MENA region and Europe for over 12 years.

Our SAP services span from setting up and fine tuning your infrastructure to delivering certified and tailored training,  SAP Software Implementations, integration with source systems, support and enhancement, and development of advanced SAP starter kits.

SAP Implementation

We partner with your team throughout the Project Life-cycle to ensure smooth transition and early adoption. Our methodology and unwavering commitment to your success has been tested by large Government Conglomerates, such as The ADNOC Group, as well as smaller clients with constraint resources.



Our lead consultants are highly experienced SAP developers and SAP Instructors, specializing in the following areas:

InsightCubes SAP Implementation
INSIGHT CUBES Methodology is a Highly practical merger between Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and Accelerated SAP (ASAP).

Implementation Phases

The purpose of this phase is to provide initial planning and preparation for your SAP project. This phase sets forth the project methodology, infrastructure, governance, and plan for the SAP project. As an output of the Initiation Phase, we will agree upon and communicate the detailed Blue Print and the project plan.

Blueprint: The Blueprint will include a detailed documentation demonstrating our thorough understanding of your current solution (As-Is), the planned Solution (To-Be) and Gap (the bridge).

Project Plan: The Project Plan is will include the detailed list of Phases/Streams (Activity groups), Activities, buffers, milestones, Baseline and Estimated Work, Duration, calendar and Schedule, Sequences, Resource distribution, Deliverables, and Deliverable details.


Key Activities

  • Kick-off Meeting
  • Onsite Workshops and One on One Interviews
  • Requirement Documentation and Gap Analysis
  • Project Blueprinting
  • Project Plan
  • Microsoft SharePoint private site
Key Deliverables
  • Blue Print
  • Project Plan
  • Introductory Training
  • Status Reports

Accelerated SAP (ASAP) methodology is applicable with starter kits, such as the IFRS Starter Kit, but for tailored solutions, this jump from Blueprinting to Realization might create hasty and low quality work; since the same solution can be developed in multiple ways. This is increasingly evident in tailored SAP solutions with work flows and customized user experience.

During the conceptualization phase, we list the multiple solutions that can effectively address the Business Goals and Objectives, in accordance to the Blue Print, and then we select the most efficient and desirable solution. A prototype is developed, in collaboration with our client team, ensuring they can interact with the system, and not just rely on a blueprint.

The key factor of this phase is the thorough and detailed implementation of the solution. The objects that are created are the objects that were defined as component of the evaluation performed in blueprint and the selected design through the Conceptualization Phase. Implementation is thus the gradual result of initiation and conceptualization. The Implementation of the most efficient and “desirable” solution will commence with confidence.

Key Activities
  • Build Model and Dimension Architecture and details
  • Build Script logic, MDX, rules, calculations and methods
  • Develop transformation and Conversion
  • Develop BPF, Work-spaces and Interfaces
  • Establish User Roles and Authorization Concept
  • Final Configuration and Confirmation
Key Deliverables
  • Development Environment
  • Quality Assurance Environment
  • Simulation Environment
  • Unit and Integration Test Results
  • Roles and Task Profiles
  • Updated Project Plan and status reports

The main objective of this phase is the thorough and detailed implementation of the solution. Just like in the previous phase it is to ensure the implementation of the most efficient and “desirable” solution hence commencing with confidence, but with much more detailed outcomes

This phase is to move from a Quality environment to live production operation. We will set up a support organization for end users, not just for the first critical days of production operations, but also to provide long term support. Despite engaging in a Simulation of the solution, during this phase, end users usually have many questions. There must be a solid end user support organization easily accessible to all end users.

The Go-Live and Support phase is also used to monitor system data loads and to optimize overall system performance. Finally, the completed project is closed.

Key Activities
  • Successful Closure of User Acceptance testing log
  • Transport from Quality to Production
  • Initiation of Hyper Care
Key Deliverables
  • Backup copies of Development and Quality Environment.
  • The Live Environment will be activated and all the end users will engage in their activities.

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