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Consolidation Extension for SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

Prepackaged & ready to deploy comprehensive consolidation solution that is built and runs natively on SAP Analytics Cloud, allowing business users to automate the statutory and managerial consolidation process.

The Consolidation Extension for SAP Analytics Cloud eliminates the complexities and inefficiencies of managing two separate systems; the first  for Consolidation (such as SAP Group Reporting or BPC), and the second system for Business intelligence and Planning, such as SAP Analytics Cloud.

This solution is designed to bring all the functionalities, features and automations required to conduct the financial consolidation cycle, in the most streamlined and simplified manner, directly on SAP Analytics Cloud.

Automate the Consolidation Process Natively on SAP Analytics Cloud

Beyond Group Reporting & SAP BPC

Transform SAP Analytics Cloud into a
Single Source of Truth

The solution consists of the below steps, which can be executed individually or through one Data Action Trigger:

Click on the icons below to know more about each step in the consolidation process

Maximize the Return on Investment & RISE beyond the traditional Consolidation Solutions by adopting the Consolidation Extension for SAP Analytics Cloud

Leverage the powerful combination of consolidation capabilities and augmented analytics with predictive AI to gain unparalleled insights into your financial performance. Discover meaningful trends, uncover patterns, correlations, outliers, and unlock valuable opportunities by harnessing the comprehensive features of our solution.

Our pre-built consolidation solution is ready for deployment

By adopting the Consolidation Extension for SAP Analytics Cloud solution, companies realize significant reduction in licensing and implementation cost, hardware and software maintenance, enhance visibility, faster period close, and higher adoption rates.

The solution is flexible and scalable, which allows it to adapt to changing market demands and evolving business requirements. It can scale seamlessly without any wait time for SAP releases or additional costs, thanks to its use of innovative SAP BTP technology.

The consolidation process covers the following areas:

InsightCubes SAP Analytics Designer Ownership Model

Benefits of Adopting the Consolidation Extension for SAP Analytics Cloud


One solution that provides Statutory & Managerial Consolidation, Planning, Forecasting, budgeting, Augmented AI & Business Intelligence.


Develop the needed tools and functionalities directly through SAP Analytics Designer & the Business Technology Platform; no waiting time for SAP to have new release.


Providing live & load data options, automation of the full consolidation cycle & access to smart insights with advanced analytics; least intervention for highest output.

Less Hardware

One cloud bases tenant that can conduct Consolidation, Forecasting, Budgeting, Planning, Augmented AI & all the business intelligence needs with live & load data.

Less Applications

With the Consolidation extension for SAP Analytics Cloud, you will no longer need SAP BPC or group reporting & SAP BI. Reduce licensing, maintenance & upkeep costs.

Less integration

Eliminate the need of moving data between the different applications & tenants. The Consolidation Extension for SAC is a unified solution that provides a single source of truth.

A Single and Scalable Source of Truth

The  landing  page  is  completely customizable  to adopt the customer’s theme, business requirements and individual user’s preferences with a Unified User Experience.

Don’t let the complexities of managing separate systems hold you back.

Embrace the future of financial management with our unified consolidation, forecasting, budgeting, and planning system. Simplify your processes, optimize your resources, and elevate your financial operations to new heights.

insightcubes Cloud Consolidation Extension For SAP Analytics Cloud software solution

Why adopt InsightCubes Consolidation Extension for SAP Analytics Cloud

Without an Automated Consolidation Solution

With the Consolidation Extension for SAP Analytics Cloud



    1. Cloud Consolidation Model
    2. Intercompany Matching Model
    3. Ownership Model
    4. Rates Model
    5. Journals

Analytic applications:

    1. Add New Currencies and Rates
    2. Currencies and Rates Input Template
    3. Standalone Financial Statements Dashboard
    4. Intercompany Matching Dashboard
    5. Ownership Manager Interface
    6. Cloud Consolidation Central Dashboard
    7. Financial Statements – Consolidation Details
    8. Journals Input Template Dashboard


20+ stories for Standalone and Consolidated reports, input templates for Forecast and plan, variance analysis (including charts)

  1. Advanced formulas, data action triggers, multi action
  2. Calendar
  3. Validations rules
  4. Custom widgets

Preconfigured unified web interface with Menu and quick access to every activity group (Landing Page Dashboard)



End to end project life cycle services which includes:


Yes, SAP Analytics Cloud can become a consolidation solution only by acquiring InsightCubes consolidation extension for SAP Analytics Cloud.

InsightCubes consolidation extension for SAP Analytics Cloud enables consolidation for different methods (Holding, Full, Proportionate and Equity) and for as many consolidation scopes as required. Click here to know more.

Yes, with InsightCubes consolidation extension for SAP Analytics Cloud the process of Intercompany Matching and booking can be executed before and/or after the consolidation process (basically, after loading the standalone data into the Cloud Consolidation model on SAP Analytics Cloud)

Yes, with InsightCubes consolidation extension for SAP Analytics Cloud you can create Consolidation Scopes, map relationships between the scopes, add entities to scopes, assign the entities’ ownership methods and percentages – hence, manage ownership structures of your group with ease.

Yes, using InsightCubes consolidation extension for SAP Analytics Cloud, you can prepare and execute detailed Currency Conversion (which goes beyond the SAP Analytics cloud native capabilities whereas we convert per flow and calculate CTA; also the ability to conduct currency translation based on global rates  or entity specific rates)

Yes, InsightCubes journal interface in SAP Analytics Cloud was built using SAP Analytics Designer, allowing entry of adjustments for specific audit trail (type – manual) to impact the standalone or consolidated balances. These debit and credit balances can be manually entered or uploaded from an excel file. Each journal can be saved, posted/unposted, locked/unlocked and deleted. This provides the full set of functionalities to manage journal entries among subsidiaries and their respective holding companies.

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