SAP BPC SAP Business Planning & Consolidation The BPC software delivers planning, budgeting, forecasting, and financial consolidation capabilities in a single application.

Easily adjust plans and forecasts, speed up budget and closing cycles, and ensure compliance with financial reporting standards.
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Simple,Easy & Intuitive! Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF and Web interface Fast track end user adoption and spend less time generating reports. With the intuitive EPM interface for Excel, Word, PowerPoint and PDF, creating reports and input template can be done in a few seconds. How Does It Work? SAP BPC EPM Easy-to-Use Streamline Work Flow Ensure all End Users conduct their activities in a sequential, systematic & guided manner. An integrated workflow guides end users in the steps needed to conclude their budgets, plans, forecasts and consolidation activities... Across all divisions, departments, subsidiaries, countries and regions. I WANT A DEMO SAP BPC EPM Work Flow Mobile Ready Live collaboration through web interface, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF SAP BPC allows your team to collaborate on inputting data generating reports, reviewing and monitoring activities from any location, anytime needed. GET STARTED TODAY SAP Comprehensive SAP BPC InsightCubes Comprehensive SAP BPC starterkit (02)

Forecast, Budget, Plan and Consolidate Financial Statements  with SAP BPC РThe Single Source of Truth

A scalable, unified and streamlined solution for your corporate planning, budgeting, forecasting, financial consolidation and analytics, from a single source of truth with intuitive user interface.

Legal and managerial consolidation

Adopt International Financial Reporting Standards and Consolidate financial statements in a single click.

Automated Eliminations and adjustments
Inter-company matching and reconciliation
NCI, Goodwill, Investment and Equity Treatment
Staging and roll-up Consolidation
IFRS/GAAP specific COA
Automated Validations & controls
Multiple consolidation methods
Treatment of scope changes
Cashflow & KPI calculations
Detailed process guidance for business users
Dynamic Reports using Excel and HTML5
Fully integrated with Heterogeneous Data Sources
Consolidate Actual, Budget, Plan and Forecast
Scalable and Customizable according to business needs


Comprehensive Planning, forecasting, & budgeting

SAP BPC Planning forecasting and budgeting

Sales/revenue planning
Project Based planning
OpEx & CapEx planning
Workforce planning
Manpower planning
Inventory planning
Production planning
Rolling forecasts
Profitability analysis onto Cost Object Level
Liquidity planning
Loans and advances planning
Investment planning
Fixed Asset planning

A Single Source of Truth with Intuitive Interface


One software license for all financial demands
Granulated and scalable solution
In Memory database; can be connected to heterogeneous data-sources
SAP HANA In Memory database and platform
Customizable models in accordance with any business requirement
Excel, PowerPoint, and Word interface
HTML5/FIORI web interface
Reads from and write into multiple sources simultaneously
Business Processes to guide end user in activities
Comes in three different versions: BPC Embedded, BPC Standard and BPC Optimized for S4HANA


Detailed business process flow

SAP Detailed business process flows



Unified Business process across all companies
Guided tasks for each end users
Full and detailed monitoring of progress
Detailed data audits reports and data locks
Automated notification on pending activities
Integration with all functionalities of BPC
Guided correction for wrong accounting entries
Robust security with Data Locking Mechanism