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Intercompany Matching Dashboards

Intercompany Matching Dashboard – Variance filtering & Charts radio buttons account selection

Intercompany Matching Dashboard

The model is designed to allow the group company subsidiaries to match their intercompany balances against values booked against them by their partner companies within the group. This empowers group companies with reconciliation of their books among each other.

All dashboards include a global filter allowing the user to select the following:

  • Any company or set of companies
  • Local currency or any of the reporting or group currencies
  • Specific month/period
  • Combination of categories/versions (Actual, Budget, Forecast, E1, E2, E3…)
  • Intercompany
  • Flow
  • Scaling of values

Selections will influence all the tabs as shown in the dashboard: Intercompany Balance sheet, and Intercompany  Profit & Loss. Each tab allows the user to switch between table and chart view, whereas chart views allow the user to select specific account, while tables list all the accounts.

The Intercompany Matching dashboard enables the user to trigger all of the logic required for Intercompany booking.  The logic will copy all intercompany balances from the consolidation model and match them in the IC Matching model; whereas the amounts booked by the partner against the company will be reflected in the company’s books as “their liabilities/expenses” and “their assets/income” in debit and credit value.

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