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Scope Configuration Toolkit

Scope Configuration Toolkit

With our Scope Configuration Toolkit, you can take control of your consolidation scopes with confidence and precision. This interface makes it extremely easy to create new scopes and sub scopes, configure their relationship, group currencies and other criteria. After creating a Consolidation Scope, you can assign entities and designate their ownership methods and percentages through the Ownership manager Interface.

Create New Scope

Upon entering the ‘Create New Scope’ tab, users are presented with a user-friendly interface that offers the following options:

  • Input Scope id.
  • Input Scope description.
  • Select from the dropdown ‘Parent Scope’ member.
  • Select ‘Scope group currency’ from checkbox.

The staging method can be deactivated or activated, giving users the option to select from a dropdown list including:

  • Staging entity
  • Staging audit

Once the selection process is completed, the user can proceed to create the scope by clicking the ‘Create’ button.

Edit Existing Scope

In the ‘Edit Existing Scope’ tab, the existing scopes will be displayed in the left side list. Once a selection is made, relevant information for each scope will be displayed, allowing users to make changes to:

  • Parent Scope
  • Group Currencies
  • Staging entity
  • Staging audit

Note: if staging has been activated, deactivating using the toggle will not work. User needs to select No Staging from the dropdown list for both Staging Entity and Staging Audit Member.

Once the corrections are completed users can update the scope by clicking the ‘Update’ button.

Delete Existing Scope

Within the ‘Delete Existing Scope’ tab, users can select a scope from the provided list of scopes. Upon selection, they can review the information displayed in each box.

Clicking the ‘Delete’ button will remove the selected scope from the system and all associated data (be careful when using this option, as the system will perform several activities and checks ultimately clearing data, which will not be recoverable)

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