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SAP Analytics Designer

Extended Planning and Analysis (xP&A) with SAP Analytics Cloud

What is Extended Planning and Analysis (xP&A)? Briefing: The Extended Planning and Analysis is a prepackaged content for SAP Analytics Cloud designed to establish a simplified, comprehensive planning process by bringing together financial, supply chain, and workforce planning. By creating one connected plan across lines of business, they can strengthen

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SAP Analytics Cloud Calendar

SAP Analytics Cloud Calendar Features and API’s Workflow Organization (Calendar) Use the SAP Analytics Cloud calendar to organize your workflows with calendar events: You can create different types of tasks and assign people to work on them and others to review the work. You can use processes to manage multiple

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SAP Analytics Cloud Data Connections

Live connection (Online) and Import connection (batch) with SAP Analytics Cloud SAP Analytics Cloud enables access to on-premise and cloud data sources using two main connection types: Live connection (Online) and Import connection (batch). Both access data from a variety of source systems. Live (Online) connection: Live Connection (online) does

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Using the setHierarchyLevel() API with SAP Analytics Designer

How to use the setHierarchyLevel() API to set a hierarchy level of a dimension with SAP Analytics Designer In a previous blog we discussed how to addDimensionsToRows(), and addDimensionsToColumns() in the EPM Report Developer Analytics Application. In the same analytics application there is a property value and a hierarchy level

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Using the getResultSet() API with SAP Analytics Designer

How to use the getResultSet() APi with SAP Analytics Designer The getResultSet() API is used to return result sets. A result set consists of property-value pairs. The property is a dimension name. The value contains information about the member or measure. You can get an array of result sets with

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Easy SAP Analytics Cloud Bookmarks

How to bookmark selections with SAP Analytics Designer The Bookmark Set allows users to bookmark the current state into multiple versions of the same dashboard and easily switch between different scenarios within the application with SAP Analytics Designer. Bookmarks save all the current filtering selections in the dashboard from dimensions

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Add/Remove Dimensions in Columns & Rows with SAP Analytics Designer

How to use the addDimensionToColumns(), addDimensionToRows(), getDimensionsOnColumns(), and getDimensionsOnRows with SAP Analytics Designer Wondering how to use the addDimensionToColumns() API?In this blog, we will be explaining how to use: Before we get into the technical part of adding and removing dimensions from rows and columns, I will start with an

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Sort & Rank with SAP Analytics Designer

How to sort and rank reports with SAP Analytics Designer Sort/Rank reports in SAP Analytics Cloud The InsightCubes Cloud Consolidation solution provides users with sophisticated and flexible Sort & Rank capabilities to navigate their data sets. Sorting & Ranking with SAP Analytics Designer for the EPM report allows you to

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Using the getMembers() API with SAP Analytics Designer

How to use the getMembers() API with SAP Analytics Designer. getMembers() method returns a set of members from a specified dimension. This method conducts “a round house trip to the backend”, which is a heavier process than the getResultSet(). However in this blog we will be using getMembers() and specifying

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